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  • Serving Fort Lauderdale and beyond—contact us for premier electrical services.

    Cooper City, FL

    Miramar, FL

    Sunrise, FL

    Plantation, FL

    Pompano Beach, FL

    Coral Springs, FL

    Tampa, FL

    West Palm Beach, FL

    Miami, FL

    Hollywood, FL

    Fort Lauderdale, FL

    All of South Florida

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Reach out for expert electrical solutions—your trusted partner in power and safety.

    Explore Our Wide Range of Services

    Electrical Installations and Upgrades services
    Electrical Installations & Upgrades

    We provide safe, efficient electrical installation services. From basic upgrades to complex systems, we keep your space powered effectively. Trust our skilled team for reliable electrical solutions.

    Lighting Services
    Lighting Services

    Electryfy provides lighting installation services. We optimize lighting for aesthetic appeal and energy savings. Let us brighten your space!

    ev charging station services
    EV Charging Station

    Energy of Tomorrow is a leading provider of turnkey energy saving solutions commercial and residential properties. Our mission is to help our clients save energy in an affordable and easy way. When our clients save energy, they save money.

    Power and Energy Solutions services
    Power & Energy Solutions

    Discover our range of renewable solutions, including backup gas and solar generators, battery power packs, and energy monitoring. We also offer 40-year and 50-year certifications to ensure your systems meet the highest standards. Embrace sustainability with our advanced energy solutions.

    Additional Electrical Services
    Additional Electrical Services

    Electryfy handles electrical wiring services like outdoor setups and ceiling fans. Let our seasoned electricians enhance your comfort and safety.